Simple Truck ELD

Ensure Compliance and Business Efficiency with SimpleTruckELD's Smart Trucking Solutions

Simple Truck ELD is a device that connects to your truck’s engine and records your hours of service, vehicle inspection reports, load sheets, mileage reports, and more. It also alerts you of any potential violations and helps you comply with the FMCSA regulations. You can access your data from any device using the Simple Truck ELD app or web portal. It also partners with other companies that provide fuel cards, drug testing, insurance, dash cams, trailer tracking, and more.   

SimpleTruckingDocs is a web-based platform that offers archiving and search/retrieval of various trucking documents, such as Hours of Service, DVIR, Load Sheets and Mileage Reports. Custom solutions may be added, such as storing 2290 tax returns, unified carrier registration, IFTA reports, MCS-150 forms, and more.        

Your ELD records required to satisfy an Hours of Service (HOS) audit are stored in our secure Records Management Solution (RMS). Your documents will be maintained as long as you are an active client, with up to two years retention to satisfy the FMCSA requirements. The documents will be made available by request by contacting our Support Team. No need to maintain file cabinet of documents and no need to search for what you need.