Great Partners Provide Great Solutions

We have formed alliances with companies that provide award winning leadership products which enhance our ability to create efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We have reversed the trend of these solutions being dominated by expensive, complicated products that require major changes in business processes and extensive IT services and support. 

Our solutions lead by award winner Parascript allow us to tailor solutions that fits the needs and budgets businesses of all sizes.

One Stop Shopping

Our partners provide one stop shopping for market leading services and solutions for the trucking industry with incentives to purchase.

One Stop Shop
Simple Truck ELD

FMCSA Certified – IFTA report

Daily Vehicle Insp Rpt (DVIR)

Loadsheets/Track Vehicle Health

eSim with 1 GB Data plan

24/7 map & satellite tracking

File 2290 Online
Simple truck tax

Most simple, online 2290 tax filing for Truckers!

Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax Filing

Independent Owner

Fleet Owner

Tax Preparers

File UCR
Simple UCR

Easy Unified Carrier Registration

Simple UCR is web based & easy

Register Application Online

Generate IFTA Return
Simple IFTA

Automated Fuel Tax Reports

Stay compliant with federal tax requirements using our online software to prepare IFTA report in a few minutes for multiple jurisdictions.

File UCR
Simple UCR

Easy Unified Carrier Registration

Simple UCR is web based & easy

Register Application Online

File Online MCS-150 Form
Simple DOT Compliance

Most simple, online 2290 tax filing for Truckers!

Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax Filing

Independent Owner

Fleet Owner

Tax Preparers

Simple 720

Automated Fuel Tax Reports

Stay compliant with federal tax requirements using our online software to prepare IFTA report in a few minutes for multiple jurisdictions.

Powered by LabworksUSA

As a consortium third-party administrator, we provide truck drivers and carriers across America with compliance services for a wide range of DOT/ FMCSA requirements. We ensure you are up to date on drug and alcohol compliance so you can focus solely on keeping your trucks rolling and your drivers safe.

Tangerine - Commercial Insurance

PRE BOOK – Tangerine Powered Discounted Insurance bundled offer.

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Protect Your Trucks and Drivers

Tangerine - AI Dash Cams

AI-powered dashcam bundled with advanced telematics features to capture all incident videos for automatic accident analysis

Accident management

Real time audio alert

2 HD-cameras and built-in sensors

Tangerine - Trailer Tracking

Complete Truck & Trailer Management

Fleet Management Platform

Live Tracking 24/7

AI – Dash Cams


Bluewire deploys data analysis in defense of the trucking industry.

A first-of-its-kind subscription service, Bluewire is a cutting-edge AI Software as a Service (SaaS) company designed to provide motor carriers and their insurance partners with a scientific, data-driven methodology for protection against the vulnerabilities that lead to reputation damaging false narratives.

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools provides load visibility, predictive freight matching and trip planning solutions for the transportation industry. Trucker Tools’ platform gives brokers accurate, real-time data optimally matching freight with trucks and allowing them to track loads from the beginning of trip to end. Our popular driver app, downloaded by over 1.3 million drivers, provides automated, real-time shipment tracking to eliminate check calls.


30 Days Free Factoring

25¢/Gal Discount on Diesel

Oilfield Company Factoring

Truck spares


At Batteries Plus we offer battery, lighting, smart home, key fob and phone repair solutions for retail and business customers alike. Our teams are experts in the field, and outstanding service is what sets us apart. Whether you’re looking for an everyday item or something that’s a little harder to find, we’re here for you.

Accident Response Services
Readi Response

Onsite Investigations, Photos

Automated Alert System App

Gathering Data and Witnesses

Reconstruct all Facts

Reduce Risk and Mitigate Costs


Tech and Logistics Experts Solving Real Supply Chain Problems.
We’re innovators with ambition, fixing the tech issues that plague the global supply chain. Born in Chicago, the logistics capital of the world and one of the fastest-growing tech hubs, project44 now has team members across the U.S. and around the globe. Together, we’ve created the world’s leading Advanced Visibility Platform for shippers and logistics service providers.


At SpeedGauge, we are proud of the hard work that has been done to secure our patents and safeguard our intellectual property. This patented innovation is just one of the reasons we are able to confidently and accurately ensure that you are receiving the best data possible, all the while helping customers protect their businesses, their drivers and the motoring public.

E Trucking Solution

IRP Plates and Truck Permits

Single Truck Owner Mobile App

Trucking Management Software

Trucking Compliance


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Global Truck permits

Global Truck permits is renowned name in Truck Permits and Trucking Compliance since 17 Years. Started in 2005 Global helped to establish thousands of entrepreneurs to start their Trucking companies and run successfully. A long term experience, makes Global , perfectly efficient to guide Truckers during their DOT audits , Permits issues, Fuel Tax Filing and Compliance.

Technology Partners

Building indepth relationships with a few technological leaders has allowed us to reach deeper into our desired fields of technical and vertical business expertise.

 Parascript LLC

Parascript products automate data-intensive image and document processing activities, enabling increased efficiency and productivity at reduced cost. Parascript software processes any document with any data from any source with its easy-to-use, scalable image-based analysis, classification, data location, and extraction technology. More than 100 billion documents for financial services, government organizations, and the healthcare and life sciences industry are analyzed annually by Parascript. Their OEM and value-added reseller network partners integrate and distribute Parascript software in the US and across the world.

Parascript Intelligent Document Processing enables RPA, solving the cost and complexity challenges of today’s industry recognition solutions. Their software automatically configures itself and adapts to changing streams of documents, measures and improves system performance, analyzes documents through self-learning and collects background data during operations, which it uses to measure and improve performance with no change to existing workflows.   

Triesten Technologies LLC

Triesten is an IT products/services company located in Lathrop, CA, USA providing consulting, technology services and digital transformation services for both private and public organizations around the world. We address the entire gamut of client’s business needs in the rapidly evolving world of cloud, AI, Data Science and digital platforms. We are a multicultural and a multinational company providing an array of services from strategy to operations to help our clients remain competitive in their markets. Our global footprint spans across
the United States, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Africa and India.

Triesten is Internal Revenue Certified & FMCSA certified company of United States of America. Triesten offers enterprise solutions that include software solutions, web solutions, mobile application development, Enterprise Application solutions and a whole array of IT solutions to clients in Banking, Financial Services, Education, Taxation, Trucking, Tolling & Healthcare and Government. Leveraging the native offshore value advantage of our development center in India, we offer scalable, customizable, and cost-effective solutions to corporations globally.