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The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has loaded the Trucking Industry with an enormous amount of paperwork. Providing these reports, quarterly, annually and archiving this data for 2 to 3 years requires a significant file storage or infrastructure expense for designing and creating the data extraction, document archival process and storage. 

Many small firms typically do not have the space or manpower to manually store several years of these daily reports. Many need small batch data extraction and document archival solution without the big price tag, enabling reduced costs and quicker access over manual filing and paper storage. We will process data extraction for the most required forms on periodic basis. We are currently focused on extracting data from DVIR, Driver Daily Logs, Trip / Loads Sheet and DOT Drug Tests Forms required by the Trucking Industry. We offer fixed price implementation in our secure Cloud-based environment based on the volume of images processed.  

Simplify Your DOT Compliance Paperwork

               No sorting required 
Sorting is not required for supported documents, just scan them into your secure input folder. Our solution uses every bit of available information to intelligently identify documents and detect document boundaries.

              Everything in one place 
We can connect content in documents such as DVIR, Driver Daily Logs, Trip / Loads Sheet and DOT Drug Tests Forms, emails, customer details, order numbers, and other information.

           A full context for your work 
All documents due for audits during the current or previous quarters or years are just a click away. All documents for a given vehicle, driver or customer are instantly available. You can immediately get the full picture on the topic you are interested in.

            One copy, no uncertainty 
Forget duplicates, we store one copy for each document instead. Never again will you have to wonder if you are working with the most recent version.

 ‚Äč            We take care of the rest 
We make sure documents go through their workflows, follow appropriate retention policy, and those documents are accessed only by those with the right permissions.

                 Document Retrieval
All documents will be retrievable by both assigned metadata and full text searches, from anywhere there is internet access.

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